Interviul serii! #4

Trisha Wolfe, autoarea seriei Kythan Guardians (click pentru a vedea seria)

Describe yourself in a word. 


2.What’s your favourite book/author? 

Oh! Too hard! But if I have to just pick one, for right now, I’m going with Dragonfly by Julia Golding.

3.What’s the advice that you’d give to the young writers?

Read a lot and never give up.

4.Tell us something about your other passions. 

When I’m not writing, I like to play with my art program and design stuff =)

5.What do you think about Romania? 

Romania is da bomb! No, for real, I’ve always wanted to there. It’s the setting of one of my all-time favorite novels (can you guess which one?) and one day, I must visit!

6.What kind of music do you like? 

Punk, Rock, and girl bands mostly. But I do listen to just about anything. It depends on my mood.

7.Tell us something about your book. 

It takes place in the future with lots of cool gadgets and powers and kissing. Mostly there’s kissing 😉

8. Do you have a message for your romanian fans?

Thank you for you wonderful support! I heart you.

9.What do you think about my blog?

Love it! Tough girls wielding weapons on the banner? Yes!


6 răspunsuri to “Interviul serii! #4”

  1. Haha ce tare e imi place faza cu mostly kissing:))

  2. felicitari pentru interviu

  3. cand apare si la noi?

  4. Thank you again, Miruna! I love this blog so much, and this was a great and fun interivew! ❤

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