Interviul serii! #6 + Concurs

Amy Lignor

autoarea seriei

The Angel Chronicles

1.Describe yourself in a word. 

Conundrum. This is one of my favorite words and it kind of fits. My brain is such a mystery – even to me. I can go to sleep at night, have a dream, and then all of a sudden I’m up for five days and nights in a row trying to piece together a story that’s gotten stuck right in there. (LOL) It’s impossible to do anything else.

2. What’s your favourite book/author? 

This is an impossible question for me. I review for magazines so I read about forty books a month and to pick just one to rave about is really impossible. I like the older, romantic books by Austen and I like Stephen King’s horror, as well as Lauren Kate’s ‘Fallen’ series – so my ‘loves’ range in all different categories.

3. What’s the advice that you’d give to the young writers? 

Do NOT give up. You are going to get rejection letters (and you have to keep in mind, most agents haven’t even read the letter you sent because they’re too busy). You will get bad reviews sometimes – but if you have something to say then, USE YOUR VOICE. All writers that YOU love, except for maybe one or two, had to work extremely hard to get where they are and get their VOICE heard, so DO NOT GIVE UP no matter what.

4. Tell us something about your other passions. 

I absolutely love music. To me, music is just like books. An artist can sing out those notes/words, and no matter what your mood is – happy, sad, romantic, angry – there is music to fit any mood. So I am a huge music fan. I also love as many varieties of music as I do books so it’s a true joy to hear a debut singer; just like a debut author, I want to hear what they have to say.

5. What do you think about Romania? 

Your culture and your history is just amazing to me. I was actually studying Herodotus and his book IV of Histories for a manuscript I was compiling and everything from your Cave of Bones to your extremely amazing culture that includes everything (not just vamps) intrigued me. The pride and imagination of the Romanian people makes me a huge fan!

6. What kind of music do you like? 

I grew up in the eighties, so I had a big passion for ‘big hair’ bands. Motley Crue, Aerosmith, etc. And I love Cold Play – I can listen to them forever. I love jazz, and the classic singers who try to jazz the ballads up, and I love Broadway. Some of the best songs in the world have come off a grand stage – so I make sure to listen to it all.

7. Tell us something about your book. 

This all began with a dream about Matt up in the library when I was a kid. He was a ‘friend’ who helped me through some pretty rough parts of my own real life and I got a great deal of faith from him. Pairing Matthew – who is a firm believer in his job and loves the ‘earth’ life and having that free will that everybody talks about so much – with Emily, who truly can’t find her faith in humans because of all the anger and violence and what we do to each other – really makes (I hope) the book stand out from the rest. It isn’t one of those love triangles where everyone already knows who ends up with who, and it’s not one of those paranormal books where the good guy and bad guy go at it – it’s much deeper than that and it really focuses on love, belief, and faith. Just two kids who need to stay together to do their job in a world that’s slowly ripping them apart. So I hope it touches people on all levels and makes them think

8. Do you have a message for your Romanian fans? 

A big thank you! I think you guys are so amazing. I love the letters I receive from Romania; I think – whether it be because you live in a deeply historical, beautiful land, or whether you are just avid readers – Romanians are so into the faith and romance aspects of this book (which I keep in mind, by the way, for Book II). You have been so nice, and ‘building’ Emily and Matthew in Romania is truly cool for me.

9. What do you think about my blog? 

I love it. You guys do an outstanding job presenting the material to your fans, and I love the music. I absolutely fell in love with you country long ago, and one of my goals is to definitely bring Emily and Matt there and get together with you guys and have a big book signing or get together. That would be a dream come true for me!

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