Interviul serii! M.J Wooley

1. Describe yourself in a word. 

Hmmm, It’s difficult to think about your life and put your finger
one one thing that sums it all up. I would have to say persistant
because that is force that has kept me going in the ups and downs
of life- Taking a look at circumstances or impossible situations
and pushing forward despite what things look like at the time. It’s
not always the most talented, most beautiful or most rich people
who do amazing things but average people who never give up can
achieve anything they put their mind to do.

2. What’s your favourite book/author? 

Wow, Alessa, you have some difficult questions! It’s difficult to
have just one favorite book because every book has a soul and
has become a part of who I am after I read it. Each and every one
carries with it dreams and a part of the soul of the person who
wrote the book. I enjoy books that take an average person, facing
impossible situations and somehow that person finds their
true calling or destiny in life. The paranormal has always held
great interest for me and so I would say Stephen King would have
to be my favorite living author. The worlds he creates and the
impossible situations the characters found themselves in has
always appealed to me. I loved to emerge myself in the stories and
sit up all night reading. In the world of a book I could dream big
dreams and be anyone I wanted to be. I would have to say the
author that had the most impact on me as a younger person was
Daphne Du Maurier. In her book, Rebecca, the first lines are
intriguing and draw me in every time I read it- „Last night I
dreamt I went to Manderley again”- What imagination that suggests
and my imagination ran wild. I also could relate to the
protagonist because she questioned who she was and couldn’t
believe that she could be perfect just the way she was- I think
that many people,at some time in life, wonder who they are and
where they are going in life.

3. What’s the advice that you’d give to the young writers? 

Try new things in your life and discover who you are. It is then
that you can reach inside yourself and let the creative part of
you run free. Don’t let anyone define who you are- define yourself
and your writing will have a style all it’s own. It takes courage
to lay your thoughts out to be scrutinized but don’t let any
negativity slow you down. Be persistent and push toward your goals
because you will achieve them.

4. Tell us something about your other passions. 

My passion is people and helping them discover how wonderful
they are and what they have to offer the world. My life was a
difficult one, and I have great passion for supporting people to
overcome whatever problems they have encountered; so they can have
the courage to realize they do matter. Nothing matters so much as
helping someone who has been deeply wounded inside overcome and
go on to do great things. I have mentored many young girls and
women over the years and had the joy of watching their lives
turn around. They have all gone on to do great things despite
the lives they lived as children. There is nothing better in life
than seeing someone succeed and make their dreams a reality. I
have to also say that horses were my great escape as a teenager.
They were the vehicle that took me into beautiful daydreams as
I rode through forest trails and imagined the great things I
could do. Which leads me back to my first passion- helping people-
I was helped by neighbors who let me ride and love their horses-
They changed my life in ways they will never know.

5. What do you think about Romania? 

Romania is rich in culture, architecture and the arts are suberb.
The people are courageous, generous and I find them to be warm
hearted. I work with many Romanian familes here in the US and
they have been gracious to me and shared their culture. I enjoy
spending time with my Romania friends and learning all that I
can from them. They are passionate about what they believe and
an inspiration in so many ways. I would love to visit someday
and get a feel for how people live and really become immeresed in
the culture and traditions.

6. What kind of music do you like? 

My music tastes are diverse according to my mood. I enjoy pop,
I loved metal (late 80’s) when I was young but also enjoy
some classical (It can be relaxing when I am writing or stressed)
and even some club music.

7. Tell us something about your book. 

My imagination is going all the time and I enjoy combining
creepy, evil, romance and a storyline that takes ordinary
people and makes them extraordinary. I believe that everyone
has greatness in them and I like to bring that out in my
characters. My characters are ordinary people that have
come from extreme difficulties. They take a stand for people
they love and push themselves beyond what they thought they were
capable of doing. Each life is intertwined with the others
and they are all in a battle to overcome and find their
place in the world. In their world (and mine) there is no distance
to great that love can’t bridge. It’s a story about evil, greed,
and the faith in themselves to overcome. It is a bit dark at times
but many of the events depicted actually took place in the very
house where the two friends move in together. The place is about
three miles from my home and still standing today and being lived
in as a residence. You can read about the area- Starvation Heights
in Olalla, Washington.

8. Do you have a message for your romanian fans? 

Always look ahead to your future and never give up on yourself.
You can do or become whatever you want to be if you keep your
faith and never give up. Thank you all for reading Dark Passage
and please feel free to email with ideas or just to say hello.
It’s been awesome to share with Alessa and share some things
with readers about the book and my personal thoughts on life.

9. What do you think about my blog? 

Alessa- I think you are a talented young woman with a bright
future ahead. I was blown away with your creativity and the
tenacity to follow your dreams. I imagine you will do great
things if your blog is any indication of what you are capable

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