Interviul serii

Kathleen McFall și Clark Hays autorii cărții The Cowboy and the Vampire

1. Describe yourself in a word. 
Kathleen: Curious.

Clark: Intergalactic.

2. What’s your favourite book/author?
Kathleen: That changes daily, but right now I am reading Grave Echoes by Erin Cole.

Clark: I like Victor Hugo, but I read mostly nonfiction. I liked The Tiger: A True story of Vengeance and Survival, by John Vaillant.

3. What’s the advice that you’d give to the young writers? 
Read voraciously, write all the time and cultivate a taste for the inexpensive things in life.

4. Tell us something about your other passions. 
Kathleen: First, Clark. Second, books. Third, travel, mostly in the American West.

 Clark: Read, hike in the woods, collect knives (would love to see some Romanian knives and swords some day) and Kathleen (she comes first).

5. What do you think about Romania? 
We think we’d like to visit! Very soon. Do you know a couch we can crash on? Yes, mine:))

6. What kind of music do you like? 
Kathleen: Really innovative, crazy stuff. Today, I like “I Fink U Freeky” by Die Antwoord. It makes me dance. Tomorow, it will be something else.

Clark: I love all music and I prefer alt country rock. Today, I’m listening to Heartless Bastards, and also First Aid Kit.

7. Tell us something about your book. 
Blood and Whiskey is the second book in The Cowboy and the Vampire Thriller Series. It takes place in the present day and is set in the fictional town of LonePine, Wyoming. With only 438 people living there, it’s a very small town on the edge of the American West.

In the first book, The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Darkly Romantic Mystery, a beautiful reporter from New York, Lizzie, falls for a broke – but ruggedly handsome – cowboy named Tucker. She doesn’t know it, but she’s got vampire blood in her veins and bad, dark things start to happen. It’s a lot of fun, with much action and sexy romance.

In Blood and Whiskey, Tucker and Lizzie face new problems with the vampire world on the edge of extinction and a price on her head. Vampires from the most powerful clans around the world travel to LonePine to see if she has the power they need. She’s a tough vampire and he’s a tough cowboy and together they have to try and save their love and the world.

Both books are full of fun memorable characters, blood-thirsty vampires, plenty of descriptions about the modern American West, and a sweet little cow-dog named Rex.

8. Do you have a message for your Romanian fans? 
We would like to say “thank you” for reading our books. Thank you. You are great. We love all of you and please write to us. Learn how at our website at, find us on facebook at and friend us both on Goodreads.

Romania is important to vampires, rich in legends and stories about vampires from before the time of Bram Stoker and Dracula; Romania is a beautiful place that we would like to visit. We want to visit Bucharest, tour the amazing castles, relax on the Black Sea coast, and hike in the Carpathian Mountains.

9. What do you think about my blog? 
Your blog rocks. Even though we can’t read much of it, you have great books and great videos. Very dark and sexy and sleek. Well done!

Thank you, you both ROCK!


12 răspunsuri to “Interviul serii”

  1. You both seem cool! I will definitely read your book! Thanks Miruna for bringing them here!

  2. Corina Craiescu Says:

    🙂 Felicitari pentru interviu, chiar au niste raspunsuri bune

  3. Cool, the interview is a really good one, congrats everyone!

  4. Thanks for having us on your site. We wish we were actually in Romania! Soon, very soon.

  5. Excellent interview by my fellow countryman of two of my favorite authors. 🙂 Glad to see Romanians bloging about books. Fuarte frumos.

  6. I haven’t seen horror, mystery, romance, and action packed together better in a book series like „The Cowboy and the Vampire” by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall. There is laughter, suspense, and heartfelt passages on every page. The characters stand out, and in their own unique way, we learn deeper truths of each of them as the books progress into satisfying, but surprising conclusions.

    Cheers to their success and best wishes for more! Thanks for showcasing some of my favorite authors.

  7. You are both the best writers I’ve ever seen doing a interview! I love your answers. Miruna, you really convinced me to read this book.

  8. Thanks Bia! When we come to Romania, we will buy you a drink for sure!

  9. Salut, nu voiam sa te deranjez aici, dar nu vrei sa imi raspunzi pe mess si chiar vreau sa stiu ce s-a intamplat cu cele 3 carti. Nu ma deranjeaza oricare ar fi raspunsul, vreau doar un raspuns. Ok?

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